Chipset Blue ORB

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The BlueORB is equipped with a 50 mm ball bearing fan which spins at 4600rpm's and is very quiet with a noise level at 26dBA.

The first REAL chip cooler ! Other chipcoolers very often comes with thermal double side tape as the only way to fasten them with - which I have had bad experiences with  - the thermal tape don't stick properly and the cooler will actually fall of sooner or later. Not to mention the poor heat transfer thermaltapes offer versus a good heatsink paste. Comes with Silmore thermal compound, a stick of thermal double side tape and 2 push pins - and a passtrough type standard powerconnector to molex.

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  If you decide to use it on your GeForce you will loose one pci slot as you can see on the picture above. It lowered the temperature 6'Celsius over the stock cooler (measured on the back of the GPU). Thermaltake has again produced a low cost - yet high performing cooler  Highly recommended !


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