The Card Cooler

This "cooler" will obviously fit every PCI or AGP based card at the market with it's simple -still smart fastener.Installation can't be easier than this,done in a minute !  As you can see of the picture it's adjustable :)...

cbf32.jpg (22879 bytes)

We mounted a small heatsink at the top of a CreativeLabs Ultra TNT2 and attached a temperature sensor which were insulated to ensure that the bypassing air didn't give false readings.

So what about it - does a simple thing like this work ?. Yes - we monitored the temperature to be four degree celsius lower after looping 3DMark2000 for one hour !
Smart inventions are often very simple ; this is one of them ! We did also install the temperature sensor at the UltraTNT's heatsink and found a three degree temperaturedrop. Doesn't seem like much ? - we were able to increase the corespeed of the Ultra with 4MHz with this temperaturedrop ! Memoryspeed remained the same.The Y.S.Tech fans are (as often said before) noisy.... Recommended for you that want to squeeze the last drop out of your accelerator :)


Name The Card Cooler
PowerConnectors 2 x Molex
Fans Y.S. TECH FD1260257B-2A
RPM monitoring No
Noise  db(A) ~52


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Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying the cooler