Thermaltake Chrystal Orb

The Crystal ORB is the second chipset ORB cooler from Thermaltake. The first one, Blue Orb is known for it's "new", cool design. The Crystal Orb is equipped with a 50 mm ball bearing fan which spins at 5500rpm's, max air flow is 12.4cfm, with a noise level at only 26.4dBa. It has a standard 3 Pin Connector for power and rpm monitoring. Although it looks like crome only, it has a copper base with Nickel plating. As you can see it also has a grill to protect your fingers...


bluegeforce.jpg (8516 bytes)

The Crystal Orb is about the same size as the Blue Orb, and as you can see on the first picture you'll lose the first PCI slot if you use this on a VGA card . The first PCI slot shouldn't be used together with an AGP card because they share IRQ.Anyway, it's well worth it. It lowered the temperature a bit over my old Blue Orb, and it looks even cooler :)

Sorry about the blurry second picture. It shows the backside of the heatsink. I do NOT like these three holes. (The fan is screwed into these from the inside). The Geforce 2 GTS chip of mine will 'hit' these holes, and this makes a slighty less performing heatsink than it could have been.Still, it performed better than my old Blue Orb, with the same low noise level. I therefore recommend this chipcooler!

Written by: Sevrin

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