FAC08 5.75CFM


A chip cooler is a little heatsink with fan you can stick almost everywhere ;  in short they are a smart replacement for the heatsinks on several agp cards without fans and they are higly recommended as a replacement for the heatsink on your motherboards bx-chip that doesn't have a fan attached to it. And wherever else you need a small cooler ! The FAC08 chipcooler has a BP400705 GlobalWin fan ; 1.08 Watt which spins at 6400 rpm, and it is very quiet with - 26dB(a).The heatsink is 40 x 40 mm and the whole cooler inclusive fan is only 13mm high .Comes with a standard power supply plug with passthrough.

 fac08a.jpg (35565 bytes)

Because of it's fasteners FAC08 have to be installed like you see on the picture,but it doesn't matter since it's covering the whole chip anyway.We do this on all our motherboards and we know for certain that it increases stability to the motherboard when overclocking. Another very important thing is that it is lower than the cpu slot (slot1 and slotA) when installed. There is no problem using this in a VapoChill system, or with any cooler made that we know of. For maximum heattransfer you can do the same as we do ; we sand and polish both the bx-chip and the heatsink on the FAC08 !   Highly recommended !


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Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying the cooler