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Name hddHO-FAN
Material Aluminium
PowerConnector Std. power supply with passthrough
Fans Titan TFD-501012s
Noise  dBA ~25 at idle



One of the best harddisk coolers / heatsinks available today - designed to be installed in 5 1/4 bays. This cooler is very effective but still quiet with it's two temperature controlled 20mm Titan fans. It managed to lower the temperature 11' celsius on a Quantum Atlas UW SCSI drive whilst bencmarking it ! GlobalCool recommend to use heatsink compound for even better heattransfer. This cooler deserves it's name - hard disk drive High Output.

We also used this cooler together with the little-hddHO (hard disk drive High Output) fan and the two together lowered the surface temperature 16' celsius on a Quantum Atlas UW SCSI drive under heavy load ! If you are concerned about harddisk life this combination is very good !

Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying this harddisk cooler