Little hddHO-FAN

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Name HD-600
PowerConnector Std. power supply with passthrough
Fan 1
RPM monitoring No
Noise  dBA ~25
Height 10 mm



Little inexpensive and very quiet harddisk cooler ! Takes almost no space with it's 10 mm height and it did lower the surface temperature 5'celsius (open cabinet). That was with a Quantum Atlas UW SCSI drive whilst bencmarking it and is a very good result since this harddisk really generates a lot of  heat under stress.A solution like this is not perfect when used in a closed cabinet as it only will circulate the surrounding air,yet is far better than nothing as the result indicates.

  We also used this cooler together with the hddHO (hard disk drive High Output) cooler and the two together lowered the surface temperature 16' celsius on a Quantum Atlas UW SCSI drive under heavy load ! If you are concerned about harddisk life this combination is very good !


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Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying this harddisk fan