MegaMite :

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When I unpacked this cooler I started laugh -- doesn't it look kinda "perverted" with that overgrown 40x40x20mm fan mounted on that little heatsink ?
But the laugh quickly disappeared when we tested it, this is a amazing little chipcooler ; without doubt the very best we ever have laid hands on.
For the first time ever we tested a chipcooler in our testbench for 10 minutes. When we have tried this in the past with other chipcoolers we always had to abort the test after 2-3 minutes since it started to smell funny :) The worst example was when the sleeve bearing of the fan actually did overheat so much that the fan was destroyed after a couple of minutes. We don't normally test chipcoolers like this but has done it a few times "just for fun".
But MegaMite survived -- of course the temparature-result from the testbench is nothing to write about.
The only thing we have to complain about about MegaMite is that it has no other fastening option than thermal adhesive or thermic glue.
The heatsink is manufactured by Alpha and the finish is as always from them ; extremely good.
Recommended !


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Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying the cooler