Alpha PAL6035 Socket 5/7/370 Heatsink

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This is called finish !


Name Alpha PAL6035
Material Aluminium , copper embedded
Heatpad No
PowerConnector Molex
Fan Y.S. Tech FD1260257B-2A
RPM monitoring Yes
Noise  db(A) 48
Size (HxWxL) 66 x 60 x 60


Temperature Test

Temperature after 10 minutes 35'



Again a killer product from Alpha with the very high quality that we are used to from them now. This cooler is like made for peltiercooling and is one of the best socket 5/7/370 coolers we have tested ever. Copper-embedded to increase heattransfer.  Highly recommended !

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Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying the cooler