Worlds fastest Celeron366 ???

I don't know if the above statement is correct - mail us if you have a faster one !


760MHz.jpg (40830 bytes)

We had to lower L2 latency to 5 to run Q3 stable in looped mode.
Same with Memory Bencmark - first stable when L2 was lowered to 5


787MHz Without L2

787.jpg (41311 bytes)


Configuration : 12Volt VapoChill, Abit BX6r2 (MW bios),Asus 370D slotconverter,Maxtor2500+ hdd , Apacer 128MB pc133,Aopen 48x CdRom,CreativeLabs 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra 32MB with OcShoots "monstercooler" (beta driver).  Win98SE ,DirectX 7.0