Vantec Chipset cooler bundle :

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Vantec Chipset Cooler Bundle is a praiseworthy entry level package for overclockers which contains :


1ea. fan 5300rpm 5.3cfm 40x40mm fan
2 ea. heatsinks 1 pc. 27.5x27.5mm - 6.5mm high
1 pc. 37.5x37.5mm - 6.5mm high
1 ea. cable adapter Standard power supply passtrough cable with male two pin molex connector.
2 pairs of fastening clips 2 pc. Nylon clip
2 pc. Rubber clip
2 ea. thermal tape 1 pc. 20x20mm - 0.2mm thickness

1 pc. 30x30mm - 0,2mm thick

1 ea. Thermal paste 2 grams of silicone paste

I really like Vantecs idea - I will call the package a entry level package, myself I found only two useful things - the fan and the smallest heatsink. I have no problem recommending this package since it costs next to nothing !

We are now eagerly waiting for Vantec's next level - Vantec Pro Cooler bundle - which contains copper heatsinks for chip and clockgenerator and DDR ram coolers - like we use at the picture underneath !

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