The Voodoo Cooler

According to 3DfxCOOL this set-up will work with any PCI or AGP card available today including all Voodoo2 & Voodoo3         3cards, original 3Dfx cards, the Banshee boards, Riva TNT & TNT2 boards, Obsidian S-12 cards, Rush based cards, and just about any other card we have ever seen.

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When sent me this "cooler" - original 3DfxCooler as they call it - I was very sceptical when I first saw it.This was almost a year ago so here we are really talking about "long term" testing ! It has been used daily since then on CreativeLabs Voodoo˛ 12MB SLI. The reason for this "long term" testing that we have been busy setting up OcShoot :)..... lousy excuse I know ..

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Installation can't be easier than this,done in a minute ! So what about it - does a simple thing like this work ? Yes - it has really worked excellent for our overheated Voodoo˛ cards ! Of course a design like this will work best without the cabinets sidepanels installed, I don't know where the sidepanels are anyway since they never have been installed ! Actually I would have thrown the 3DfxCooler away long ago if it didn't work !
Smart inventions are often very simple ; this is one of them ! I can really recommend the original 3DfxCooler for Voodoo˛ accelerators ! For never cards as Ultra TNT ˛ and GeForce it will be inadequate. But as you see of the picture it can be a great supplementary fan for these cards, especially if you run with open cabinet or have blowholes !


Name 3DfxCooler
PowerConnectors 2 x Std. power Connectors with pass-through..
Fans GlobalWin CH501 2CBS
RPM monitoring No
Noise  db(A) 44
Size (Height x Length) 51 x 105 + fastener


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Thank's to GlobalCool for supplying the cooler