Zalman VGA cooler


  If you are a casemodder there is no way around this one - this one would increase the bragging factor a lot  ! On the other hand it doesn't only look good : it is actually the best chipcooler we ever have tested since it managed to lower the temperature 3 degrees more than the second best tested chipset cooler. It is kind of expensive: but beside the chipset cooler you get a bracketmounted fan and thermalglue. There is no other way to fasten the chipset cooler than by thermalglue, what the heck - I don't think it would be more difficult to sell a card with this cooler mounted ! The fan has Zalman's quiet option too - install the jumper and run the fan in noiseless mode. For the ultimate visual experience check out Zalman flower's too ! Recommended !


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Thanks to 3DfxCool / GlobalCool